Lost somewhere between the veil of a crisp November morning and within the dimness of haze, lays the serenity of a natural love for life.

An unfair veil of despair is cloaked around a grieving spirit during the storms of life’s challenges.

The consistence of balance inside our soul is felt as we search for understanding to our spiritual significance while listening to heart rhythms

The sweet sounds of nature that fill the summertime air is an orchestra of vibration absorbed by the human spirit

Instilled are the captured thoughts that remove all excuses of I cannot, to be in the happening as you are finally able to step back…

Transitions we go through as we enter another change in our development of understandings become apparent inside the constant struggle to make sense of it all.

A wandering mind carries wonder of what will be, it gives vision and focus to dreams and desires inside the heart

When we reach a moment when mistrust and disrespect come into play, this becomes a game changer to all forms of love felt in a relationship or friendship.