A Sovereignty within our mind alongside a balance of emotions floating upon the silence of stillness far beyond comprehensions of a calm in time.

Because of the traumatic brain injury created by electroconvulsive therapy—shock treatments, I can’t give you a timeline in any order.

Admiration is felt by the visions inside while absorbing the creative vibrations surrounding our existence within a world of abstract impulse.

The currents of transformation carry us into chaotic waves that chisel away at our spiritual jagged edges and create a smooth foundation.

When we notice the beauty and charm of a smile and feel the radiant charisma flowing from the spirit…

As the wheels roll down the highways of our spinning minds, around the twists and turns of scenic routes inside the GPS of our souls…

Wisdom we acquire for the duration of our time in this world is given to our soul to carry the truth of love into our everlasting life journey.