• Beatrice Davis

    Beatrice Davis


    A former tour & road manager for many celebrities, Beatrice Davis, decided 15 years ago it was time to close the suitcase for good in order to enter the world of entertainment  & business consulting. In 2001, a new business child was born to bring some new attention and head-waves to the ever-evolving business world.

    Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc. was established so she could bring her expertise of worldwide red carpets, celebrity events, concert touring, branding, image, business and lifestyle consulting to a high-profile clientele.

    The name, Sassy B, reflects her personality and was given to her while on the road. Her clientele reaches across the worlds of sports, movies & film, politics, fashion & beauty, corporate and speakers. Go ahead visit her website, and discover all the secrets she may hold in the world of entertainment & business luxury.

    Sassy B is not just a consulting company; Sassy B is a company that cares deeply about clients.

    Her motto states, “Your Success is Sassy B Success.”

  • Tamara McClure

    Tamara McClure


    Tamara McClure originally hails from Oklahoma City and currently lives in Huntington Beach, California. She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. Tamaras passion lies in a fantasy world as she is a writer and actress besides being the editor of No Strings Attached-ENews.

    One of Tamaras favorite quotes is one from her own mind: There is no greater feeling than that of being moved.

    Tamara is Married with Two Cats.

  • Carla Arroyo

    Carla Arroyo

    Digital Editor

    Carla Arroyo, 28, lives in the Philippines, loves to read and write about anything. She writes short stories online and dreams of publishing a book someday. She is also into graphic design and website development. She loves learning and exploring new things. And she loves her family more than anything.

    Words she lives by:

    “You can never undo things that you’ve done or expect to happen all the things that you’ve planned for the future. But you can always make the best out of everything you have right now. So don’t be a fool dreamer or a sucker of the past. Just live every day you live. Let go and get going.”

  • Ordaz Jeter

    Ordaz Jeter

    Web Master

    Ordaz Jeter finds interest in all things dealing with technology and the online community.  He has many years of experience in K-12 and higher education as an instructional technologist and instructor.  He is currently the owner of the Virginia Computer Institute, Inc., a technology based company that provides technology implementation services, customized training and aerial drone videography services.  He is a proud member of the NSAEN team and is responsible for the overall IT mission, vision, and strategy.

    He believes in the incredible power of positive thinking and he is firmly committed to making a positive impact throughout the world.