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It’s Playoff Time!


I often equate the business world with the professional sporting world. There are so many similarities. Talent is important but attitude and mindset can make the difference between just being average or being a world champion.

In professional sports, the season can be very long. It’s difficult to maintain the same intensity level throughout the entire season. Many professional athletes will tell you there are some days they just don’t feel like playing. There are some days they just go through the motions.

As the season gets close to ending, the intensity picks up for those teams who are contending for the playoffs. Once they begin, it’s a whole new season and the announcement is made “it’s playoff time!”

Once playoff time begins, the true champions become more focused and their intensity level goes up. The winners thrive under these circumstances. This is the time where the winners separate themselves from everyone else.

As I am writing this, I am amazed how the same thing applies to our business. Right now we have 18 sales representatives who have made the commitment to leave their families, and travel to a destination far from their homes, to bring their production up to a higher level. This week you can feel the excitement; the competitiveness and the production is going to some amazing levels for many of our representatives. This is where the cream rises to the top. It’s playoff time! What an honor and a blessing just to be here this week on our sales blitz in Huntsville, Alabama.

I always tell everyone that consistency is the key to success. If you want to be a true success, especially in this business, map out a detailed and disciplined schedule each and every week. You will find that you will have success on a consistent basis.

When you want to bring your production to a higher level, I’m going to encourage you to make the announcement that it’s playoff time. This is where you make a statement at the beginning of the week that you are going to have a record breaking week. The decision to have a great week is made before the week starts. Write out your specific goal. Map out your plan and make sure you are putting in the extra effort to bring your production to a higher level. That means getting out earlier and working later. That means being completely focused on achieving your goal. That means having an incredible positive attitude.

My encouragement for you today is to always be consistent, but I also would like you to take certain times of the year to bring out the very best in yourself where you give it your all. Are you ready to do that?  Take a look in the mirror and repeat after me.

It’s playoff time!

Have a super fantastic week!