Encouraging words along with acts of kindness combined with compassion and empathy create a chemistry of elements found inside gentle hearts.

Because of the traumatic brain injury created by electroconvulsive therapy—shock treatments, I can’t give you a timeline in any order.

As the tides rise and the wind gains speed, we prepare to embrace the realities of nature’s power of devastation…

Conformity to the pressures of society can overwhelm and create a storm inside a troubled mind

This season we watched a cycle as old as time but still able to cause Burt and I (two ‘Oldsters’) to breathe deeply and pause to sit back in wonder.

Illumination of paths trail blazed, we are pioneers of inspirational tomorrows guided by imagination, held by waves of love.

Admiration is felt by the visions inside while absorbing the creative vibrations surrounding our existence within a world of abstract impulse.