Wisdom of Life

“Walk the Turtle” 8/20/2017


Admiration is felt by the visions inside while absorbing the creative vibrations surrounding our existence within a world of abstract impulse.

Difficulty in understanding the manifestation of change is part of a spiritual process as we ascend beyond thought to receive intuitive insight.

Captivation of a healing power is our eternal gift, our ability to love allows the heart to release an anointing upon nurturing eyes of sorrow.

Choice of individual belief uncovers truth behind a transparent veil of unseen faith, a momentary lapse in time when our mind knows a soul.

Our presence of energy, infused and integrated alongside flesh and bone, remains eternal as the withering of seasons pass and we shall perish.

Walk the turtle with wonder and optimism knowing the purpose of our timeless journey is to embrace the knowledge and wisdom of life.