Wisdom and Enlightenment

“Walk the Turtle” 12/12/2016


As we reflect upon the years passed we may wonder why we did the things we have done, why we said things we should not have said and why we didn’t listen.

Some people in our lives will leave us blind to truth and devotion, some will smile and lie at the same time, some will tear out our hearts and promise not to hurt.

When we love someone we tend to have illusions inside our minds that things will always get better, no matter if lies, betrayal, and deceit come into play.

Our relationships and friendships will come and go, our love and trust will be shattered and broken, our spirits can be placed into a realm of darkness if we allow it.

Understanding of ourselves is revealed after we are challenged emotionally, mentally and spiritually, these experiences we go through will shape our character.

As troubles come they will also pass, as tears flow a smile will eventually emerge, as we connect with our mind, body and soul we become stronger with our faith.

When we walk the turtle we must face each moment with contentment and an open mind, we also must go forward each day with wisdom and enlightenment.