What Am I Doing Here?

Another “Tail” From the Shelter

I truly never know what to expect as I walk to my volunteer job at our local animal shelter in Huntington Beach, California—and I guess I really could write a book about my experiences.

Sometimes I approach the door and hear roosters offering their morning salutations; because they are often confiscated from unsavory situations and find themselves no longer having to fight to survive. Often there are little bunnies sitting in our pens, hoping to find someone who will treat them kindly and offer them a safe harbor to live out their years. At times I watch our volunteers bottle feed kittens so tiny that without supplemental nourishment, they would not survive.

Once, when returning from a walk with one of our fuzzy-faced pups, I was greeted by the sight of two people holding a large knapsack and talking to a shelter attendant. I heard the words, “No, we really can’t take that sort of animal here,” so of course my curiosity was piqued.

The little dog I was walking was also apparently wondering what was in the sack and ventured forth to take a sniff, only to be rewarded with a huge, unworldly growl that sounded neither canine nor cat-like.

I later found out that the people had a 9-foot Egyptian Monitor Lizard in the sack, and their explanation of why they had it was, “it was such a cute little baby when we saw it at the pet shop 10 years ago”….


I think a little forethought is a good rule when viewing a possible new addition to the family!

Well, today I walked down the shelter aisle looking for the first dog to release from the confines of its pen to take outside for a walk and cuddle session when I saw, Zephyr.

My first reaction was, “Oh my gosh, what in the world is a little guy like you doing here?!”

Zephyr is the tiniest, sweetest little Japanese Chin I have ever seen.

Untitled 3

He is regal, adorable, and utterly scared to death among the larger and louder dogs.

He honestly doesn’t belong in the shelter, but will be the perfect companion for a senior or very sedate person who wants a quiet, gentle, little lap dog. He is a small, snugly bundle of love and affection, although right now he is so frightened he is often shaking.

I want so much to get him out of the shelter and into someone’s arms. Please share his story with anyone who is looking for a beautiful, quiet, tender lap dog. He is a royal treasure!


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