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Another “Tail” from the Shelter

It was unseasonably hot today in Huntington Beach. The sun shone down on my shoulders and the sea breeze was warm with the scent of sand and surf.

I am grateful, you know.

At 72 I don’t take for granted that I still can walk easily and enjoy the many freedoms this marvelous country affords me.

One of my greatest pleasures is visiting with our shelter dogs and giving them not only time out of the pens but lots of petting, belly rubs, and even a pep talk when it’s needed.

Today as I entered the shelter, I was greeted by one of our older residents—Dozer, a mild mannered, lovable senior citizen who, for what reason I honestly do not know, is now sitting on a concrete floor in a pen at the shelter.

new-dozer1Dozer is one of those sweet older dogs who doesn’t complain about his fate, he just looks up at you with eyes that are not as sharp as they once were but are still full of love.

I noticed that he walks a little stiff and I can relate to the little aches and pains of age, so we sort of understand each other.

What truly touched my heart today happened when we sat at the curb to rest a bit and share a cuddle.

No sooner did I sit down then Dozer came up to my knee and rested his head on it—and then lifted that sweet face up to my cheek and licked me.

I knew I had to write about him because although they all touch my heart, this little old man deserves so much more than he is now receiving.

Dozer is hoping some kind soul will give him a comfortable home to live out his remaining years and a good-hearted person to show his gratitude to—and don’t think for a moment he won’t do that. He is a true gentleman.

I made sure before I left him that there was a warm bed for him to cuddle up in even though he didn’t ask for it. You see, he makes so few demands. He just wants someone to look past the vestiges of age and see the loving soul wrapped up inside.

Please visit Dozer at the Humane Society on Newland in Huntington Beach.


He would love to have company and perhaps the chance to lick another cheek.

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