Walk With God Alone

“Walk the Turtle” 11/7/2016


When we reach a moment when mistrust and disrespect come into play, this becomes a game changer to all forms of love felt in a relationship or friendship.

Mercy upon those that become wicked and deceiving, when they chase the dragon and run with the devil, they become lost and uncaring, time will take a toll.

As I remember searching for truth, I realized each memory of moments shared with someone close becomes an etching inside our heart and soul, scribes of love.

I followed my intuitive guide and it led me to a pile of debris, on the other side of the debris on a tattered mattress was my daring Britt, she woke with a smile of hope.

Knowing the addiction has kept her going for many days and nights, to have sympathy and compassion is this to our heart; caught in the darkness within silence.

A kind voice, a warm blanket along with a decent meal gives warmth and comfort to a shattered mind. Know It will call them again to feed the flames of madness.

As I walk the turtle I understand some will walk with me for a season, some will walk with me till the end, to love, pray and allow some to walk with God alone.