Trust to God

A photo by Will van Wingerden.

To identify a personal understanding of who you are is part of the journey we undertake by connecting the complexities of mind, body, and soul.

As we observe those we love become tormented into self destruction, these moments create deep feelings of helplessness that enters our hearts.

We learn as we search for solutions and reasons why, to witness a constant momentum of change, allowing the season to wither as it runs its course.

A peace inside emerges as our thoughts become humbled by the grace of strength found inside our faith, patterns of flames left behind remain warm.

Compassion begins to intertwine among the threads of our geometries of light and spirit as we give our time and care to someone empty and lost.

We each experience different insight and perspectives, yet we are connected by the touch of the practical wisdom of frailties in humanity and life.

A simple smile on the outside can cover the depths of pain and guilt hidden inside the core of our being, sanctification of our intimate self is to love.

Close your eyes and walk the turtle with gratefulness of each moment, we each share the desires to achieve patience and give complete trust to God.