Through God’s Eyes

“Walk the Turtle” 11/6/2017


Echoes remain of memories in time when wonders of life created smiles and laughter, as well as an unconditional love for daydreams filled the air.

Our connections with those during childhood are fused together by the experiences given to us along the way during this gift of everlasting hope.

Moments when surrealism emerges along with senses of déjà vu appearing before us as we continue to live through each hour of graceful optimism.

Cherishing the motion of changes as the fireflies dance upon the darkness held within the cocoons, thus becoming reborn into a spiritual awakening.

Held close inside the heart lies courage meant to be bestowed and cast unto all fears as our soulful humbleness allows the flow of purification felt.

Walk the turtle forever knowing the times we spend with those we care for are part of our purpose and serve a higher perspective through God’s eyes.