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Three Hopeful Hearts

three-hopeful-hearts-feat-imageThe seasons are changing here in my hometown of Huntington Beach.

The cold weather we experienced this winter is slowly changing and it no longer is necessary to put extra sweaters on our small shelter dogs as often. But, thank you all for donating the sweaters so we have them when needed!

As always, I walk towards the shelter from my parking spot a few blocks away and watch the soft ocean breezes blow the palm trees at the shoreline. The sun, which was in hiding for a number of weeks, is once again dancing off of the water and reminds me of sparkling diamonds. Much like our shelter dogs, each one special, unique, and hopeful.

When I walk into the shelter, all eyes are on me. They want so much to be taken out for a walk and given that extra hug, pet, and ear rub. I do this not just for them, but for me as well. The small satisfied sighs and looks of unhidden joy reminds me that we all have feelings and by bringing a bit of happiness and relief to someone in need, we nurture our own souls.

Most people hide their feelings, perhaps as a shield to keep hurt away, but dogs wear their emotions right out in the open. And I love that about them. There is no pretense, no hidden agenda. They want to be loved for who they are and more than anything, they want a person to call their own. They really don’t ask for much, certainly not material possessions. A fancy car or big home is not as important as the opportunity to accompany their person through life, sharing both good and bad times and being there in a non-judgmental way, always.

I usually end my walk with a happy heart, knowing that I brought at least a little joy to these sweet souls who really don’t have a lot going for them. We walk down the Edison Access Road and pass the wonderful Bark City Doggie Daycare facility and watch people bring their dogs in for doggie daycare or boarding and can see the confidence and joy the dogs exhibit. They are happy and know their owners love and care for them. You can see it in their eyes.

Our little shelter dogs are still hoping for that precious feeling.

Lately, I have been leaving the shelter with a less happy heart. We have three wonderful dogs who truly need to be out of their concrete pens and into a pair of loving arms.

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce you to Carley, Willie, and Sandy.

carley-with-infoCarley has spent almost her whole life behind the bars of the shelter.

Instead of being standoffish or resentful, she faces life with a calm, gentle demeanor and a sweet attitude. She is a big, lovable girl who looks at me with trusting eyes and quickly attaches to anyone who spends even a little time with her.

She is a gentle dog who has that magical way of looking deeply into the soul of a person and can communicate non-verbally that she would love to belong to someone.

Week after week I see her and we have a sort of ritual, where I give her a little treat and she gently takes it from my fingers and conveys to me that she wants a person in her life—Someone who will open the shelter doors and welcome her into their home as a member of the family.

She is special and patient and when I leave her, I hope so much that she will be adopted soon.

willie22And then there is Willie, a sweet little guy with only one eye. He always appears to be winking at me.

He is certainly a little character, because months ago when I first started walking him, he would do his business as soon as we started the walk and then let me know that he wanted to go back to the pen. He is a homebody and truly loves food. As soon we returned to the shelter, he would go directly to his beloved food bowl—hence Willie has a bit of a chunky figure.

Now he has decided that walking and being petted is even better than home and hearth and loves his petting sessions on the Edison Access Road curbside. He is a calm boy who would do well in a loving home that doesn’t require a very active dog. He is a fluffy bundle of cuddles and with that winky-blinky eye you will always think someone’s flirting with you. I adore this little man!


sandy-with-infoThe third pup I would like to introduce to you is our Sandy. I am in love with this girl and to tell you the truth, I think I am saddest when I think about her seemingly never-ending search for a home.

This is because when I walk her she is so hopeful she won’t have to go back to the pen that she puts on the brakes when I try to put her back in there. She hunkers down and I have to pick her up to get her back into the concrete pen that is her home right now—It almost makes me cry.

When we sit at the curb she leans into my knee and sighs a big sigh waiting for me to rub her ears and stroke her cheeks. She loves that, and just melts into my arms. She is very lovable and would make a perfect companion if given a chance.

She is so sweet, trusting, and so reluctant to go back into her pen that it hurts my heart to return her to the shelter.

When I walk back to my car, I carry a little bit of all of these wonderful dogs with me and sometimes they come to me in my dreams. I want so much to see them adopted. They are full of love and absolutely deserving of a home and place to call their own.

Please go to the shelter and visit them. Take them for a walk and see how special they are.

shelterIf possible please share their stories. The more people learn about them, the better their chance for adoption❤