Take one Magician/Comedian (The Amazing Dennis/Dennis Aloia), one Comedian/Actor (Brian T Shirley), add 60+ years of experience between them, blend in their well-honed shows, top it off with a unique Improv game and what do you get? The Magic, Comedy & Improv Extravaganza!!!








The cherry on top of this hilarious comedy spectacular is the aforementioned Improv game called “You’re the Jury” and was designed specifically for this act by Brian T Shirley. This game uses the audience to determine the guilt or innocence of one of their chosen members, complete with characters and costumes. The Magic, Comedy & Improv Extravaganza is a complete comedy show which can last an hour and a half to two hours. Not only did they turn away almost 100 people for their Lake Arrowhead Country Club performance, but they were immediately asked back!


From a sold-out show at The Bridge Mill Country Club, to a sold-out show and return booking at the Lake Arrowhead Country Club, word is starting to spread. After their August 28 appearance by the beautiful North Georgia Lake, Dennis and Brian took their show to The Savannah Comedy Revue in Savannah, Georgia, Sept 2, 2016. They are already booking dates for spring 2017 in North Carolina and looking to fill more.


Dennis Aloia has been doing his brand of Comedy/Magic for over 40 years. He hosts two popular WEB TV Shows on the AHR WEB TV Network, Keeping It Real and Stirring The Pot. Aloia has the full weight of the network behind him so getting the word out about his endeavors is not a problem. Dennis is also doing VO work for the upcoming animated film, Professor Gravitron Saves The Universe, due out late 2016!


Brian T Shirley has toured the USA, Canada, The Bahamas, and Japan for over 20 years. Brian has hosted and continues to host radio segments and shows. Currently he’s doing BTS Entertainment Corner on the What’s The Story? radio show and once a month co-hosts The Lina and Brian Hour. Shirley has written for No Strings Attached-ENews magazine and has a WEB TV series called BTS On The Road which is carried in NSAEN, on YouTube, and airs every Saturday at 8:00 PM EST on AHR WEB TV network. Brian has also been doing VO work for films and television, shooting scenes for Independent movies and is one of the main characters in the animated film, Professor Gravitron Saves The Universe. His “Fine Southern Gentleman” character helps drive the “You’re The Jury” game in Improv. Brian is featured in the Special Summer Edition of Life Lessons magazine.


Whether you are a comedy club, country club, military organization or just want to spice up an event, The Magic, Comedy & Improv Extravaganza is a CROWD pleaser! This show is rated PG, but can be done G-Rated or move towards a more adult show. If you want to book this act or you are looking to sponsor a show that will get the word out about your business, you can’t go wrong with Dennis and Brian. They are true pros who have surrounded themselves with a supportive and professional network of people that are growing everyday.

To book or sponsor the show, contact Brian T Shirley at or Mike Aloia at

Magic, Comedy & Improv Extravaganza Promo

BTS On The Road 45

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