Exciting news! A new show at the Excalibur, here for only 6 months in a large tent on the strip side of the hotel.

HAKKASAN is one of the liveliest and most magnificent dining places in town at the MGM.  Its huge dining area,…

Manzo, one of two full-fledged restaurants that opened this week for a great review from all of the media.

Eataly, meaning “Eating Italian” is an international food chain with 37 locations and counting, strategically placed all over the world with a philosophy that encourages guests to “Eat. Shop. Learn”.

It was my girlfriend’s birthday and she chose Lotus of Siam for her dinner celebration.

Back in the day, smoking “pot” was illegal, and people smoked it to get high. That was the extent of my knowledge of marijuana but recently, my ex-boss closed his very successful restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip to open a grow house.