The Story of Malgorzata Baclawska


The Story of Malgorzata Baclawska

By Deborah Hayter

Malgorzata Baclawska, known simply as Margo, always dreamed of bigger things than herself with a life of helping others, while growing up in Biskupec, a quiet little village in northeast Poland.  Today her ubiquitous presence in European fashion circles has brought her to a level of success she had only dreamed possible. She is repeatedly and frequently featured on the cover of dozens of magazines. Armed with beautiful long legs and a great deal of confidence, Margo has decided to use her celebrity to give young girls all over the world, hope and, to make them feel good about themselves.  “I was the tallest female in my class,” said Margo.  Further elaborating, “but I stood tall and regal and, I knew that I would someday help those young ladies who didn’t feel that way.”


Coming to America has opened many doors for Margo. She has been interviewed on numerous red carpets, never forgetting to mention her proud Polish roots and to let people know that every culture brings beauty and creativity to this world.   In fact, she has come on board with an organization that will help to bring about positive messages of hope all over the world.   “After all”, she comments, “two of my favorite designers are from different countries (referring to Alexander McQueen and Rick Owen).”  This year, she is the recipient of the Millionaires and Entrepreneurs “With A Cause Goodwill Ambassador Award”. This honor is bestowed upon those who inspire others to use their voice to bring awareness to the plight of others.


Even though Margo’s calendar is quite full, she still has time to keep her health and beauty regimen.    Which is: running every morning, 6 days a week, taking vitamins and most important, drinking lots of water to keep her skin hydrated.    She shares her beauty tip of removing her make-up with coconut oil and emphasizing the importance of maintaining a proper sleep routine.


When Margo walks into a room, heads turn.  Immediately afterwards, you are drawn to her infectious smile and beauty from within.

Margo is grace and beauty personified.  Changing lives, one country at a time!