Spirit in Life

“Walk the Turtle” 7/24/2017


In certain times of dire straits a pulse of doubt can overwhelm the sense of contentment, a perpetual wave of emotional depth may blind us.

A momentary lapse of a surreal spiritual unreasoning can revolutionize the intense persistence of a spontaneous reaction that triggers anger.

To show a self-kindness and remorse to our past actions is an understanding to self-forgiveness and self-love, resonated by a moral compass.

Growth is felt as time passes, as we reflect inside the mind, as we become more aware of our true power of choice, a change happens slowly.

Progression within our soul reveals hidden strength unseen by a human eye, as visions and dreams override each obstacle as we humble.

Walk the turtle while we heal the wounds of yesterday’s mistakes, speak to your faith as your heart mends inside, love a broken spirit in life.