Ripples of Time

“Walk the Turtle” 7/31/2017


The currents of transformation carry us into chaotic waves that chisel away at our spiritual jagged edges and create a smooth foundation.

Mindful thoughts of purpose breathes hope and contentment felt by growth of definitive wisdom given by constant signs of divine guidance.

Perspectives seen by the perceptions we envision are mastered by understanding the balance of cycles in life, encouraging a spirit of change.

To overcome the strength of undertows as we hold our breath is to let go of yesterday’s weight and burdens carried inside the heart and soul.

Awaken to all dissolved anxieties and fears, open your eyes to cleansing tears shed by pain and sorrows, rest your mind to a musical flow.

Walk the turtle into a calm pool of a crystal clear spring and embrace your reflection in these dimensions as you gaze into the ripples of time.


*Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash