Review – Sam Smith Album: In The Lonely Hour

One word for this album: WOW.

Sam Smith has finally released his first studio album last May 26, 2014 entitled: “In The Lonely Hour” and it was WOW.

Sam Smith, a 21-year-old British singer/songwriter described his album as “All about unrequited love” – he also admitted that it was based on his love life , where he fell in love for someone but didn’t love him back – oh damn, story of my life .

The pain and hurt were very obvious on most of his songs like, “Leave Your Lover” and “Good Thing”.  However,  somehow, somewhere, the feelings of conviction and confusion at the same time, felt on the songs “Like I Can” and “Restart”. It’s true; this album is altogether sad, painful, and hurtful, but was also in love. It was like a confession of true unanswered, unrequited, and vulnerable love story.

I salute Sam Smith – really, I salute him – man, he co-wrote everything on this album! Which makes him one of the most talented 21-year-old artists that I have ever known.  And to be honest, everything is excellent but of course, there are these songs that

made my feelings flip upside down and made me say, “WOW, Oh Gad, and f*ck” more than a hundred times when I first heard them. Here:

1. Leave Your Lover

Pack up and leave everything,
Don’t you see what I can bring
Can’t keep this beating heart at bay
Set my midnight sorrow free,
I will give you all of me
Just leave your lover, leave him for me.
Leave your lover, leave him for me.

Oh gad. Just this line alone: “Leave your lover, leave him for me.” made the song everything. PLUS the music video, it was done perfectly and with utmost sensitivity. GOOD JOB.


2. I’ve Told You Now

Still I refrain from talking at you, talking on
You know me well, I don’t explain

But what the hell?
Why do you think I come ’round here on my free will?
Wasting all my precious time
Oh, the truth spills out, do all I’ve
I’ve told you now.

3. Like I Can

Why are you looking down only one road
Mine is the heart, the soul for your soul
There may be lovers who hold out their hands but
He’ll never love you like I can, can, can
He’ll never love you like I can, can

4. Good Thing

Too much of a good thing won’t be good for long
Although you made my heart sing, to stay with you would be wrong
Too much of a good thing won’t be good anymore
Watch where I tread before I fall.

You refuse to see this, don’t see it anymore
I have made the decision not to answer your calls
Cause I put everything out there and I got nothing at all

This just basically said everything I wanna say right at this very moment. It was like, “This is too good that I honestly don’t wanna let go, but I needed to; I have to, for myself, to give myself a break.”

5. Restart (Deluxe Edition)

What do you want from me when I just wanna restart
You keep coming back for me when you’re the one who tore us apart
And the truth is I’m better on my own
And I’m the one to leave it apart
So let me restart
So let me restart
So let me restart

Holy cheese balls. I love love this song! Its feel-good, 80s pop sound, made it perfect. And its lyrics, it was like: “F*ck off. I’m living on my own now. I’m better without you, so leave and let me restart. Don’t ever come back.” GENIUS.

I have no doubt that this guy is going to be a big hit and will definitely do great in the music industry. His soulful and powerful vocal is so unique and distinct that makes him one of a kind.  Plus hisunequaled way of presenting emotional pop songs will surely give him a stairway to success.

Go grab your own copy now and listen to his awesomeness and let me know what’s your favorite!