Queen B and the Prince

Queen B and the Prince

By: Shawn Sturges


Today I had a conversation with a good friend of mine; we will call her my “Queen B.”  She came over to bring me some German beer and we got to talking about the outlook on life in regards to a tragic event in people’s personal lives.  We both were on the same page in that the outlook is based on the strength of the individual. This characteristic determines how the person will live the rest of their life.

We discussed two types of people and how they would react to such an event.  The first would let the event rule their life.  This means that each day they will dwell on the past situation so much that every day they only see the darkness of the world.  Each time they meet a new person they will project their past experience even when not warranted.  The second type of person is the one that does not let the tragic event rule their life.  This person takes that experience and turns it into a sort of power boost that shines through the darkness.  They do not forget the experience, but they do not let it choke the life out of them either.

Unfortunately, until a tragic experience strikes your life you do not know into which category you will fall.  The strongest person can be brought to their knees whereas the weak looking person will find a way to soar through the heavens on the winds of change.  The strength of a person’s inner spirit is not based on their outer appearance, but rather on the inner spirit that each of us possess.

Both me and “Queen B” fall into the same category because we are both strong individuals and allow our personalities to show others that life doesn’t cease with a single event.  Since I lost my sight I have gravitated towards those that possess the strong will to survive.  Each of these individuals, such as “Queen B,” has found a way to flood the darkness with light.  This is not to say that I was not swallowed by the darkness at one point in my life, but I found the inner light that allowed me to spark a flame that obliterated the hell out of that darkness.

I have become a motivation to both my family and friends throughout the years.  One of my goals is to be able to motivate others throughout the world.  Provide them the ability to understand that just because a tragic event occurs in their life it does not necessarily mean that life is over.  Together as the human race we can grow and learn from those that have struggled before us and strive to emulate their actions that will help us to overcome tragedy in the future.