Pictures Inside Our Soul

“Walk the Turtle” 4/24/2017


Unexpected twists of fate seem to bring together the right people at the right time, unseen reasons hard to comprehend until we realize life comes full circle.

Moments when those that once played a major role in our life eventually vanish, they suddenly emerge again years later with more understanding of connection.

Letting go of someone we love deeply, realizing they must travel the journey alone is a commitment to our faith inside knowing someday hearts will meet again.

Anguish and anxieties will disappear as the daylight turns into night, awaken your soul to the existence of our individual purpose and destiny to fulfill as we live.

To begin thinking of self-responsibility and self-obligation to transform our mind, to conquer all obstacles and become fearless to all fears will give us grace.

Confidence in silence will rest our chaotic thoughts as we bow to the light of love and humble ourselves to the simplicity of a divine orchestration of guidance.

Learning acceptance of circumstances and to speak unto our higher power for wisdom and knowledge gives vision and sound felt by the frequencies of our soul.

Preparation for our destiny is given to us through relationships and experiences inside our chapters and seasons of existence within each unique aspect of being.

Questions we have about life and reasons why we do what we do remind us that we all have deep levels of thought and connections that live inside our emotions.

Contained inside each spirit is a delicate masterpiece of beauty and persecution created by elements of time and space gathered together, molded by a conscience.

Imagination can become a new reality to our hopes and dreams driven by the determination to rise above all levels of selfish mindsets that have held tight.

Walk the turtle with concepts of constant change as you meet each person drawn into your moments of life, they are forever captured pictures inside our soul.