Peace When We Pray

“Walk the Turtle” 6/4/2017


As a ray of light passes through the space of the blinds it illuminates an area in which we are able to wave our hand across the warmth of a new morning sunshine.

Awakened to salvation and testimony our influence delivered to the wandering minds allows our spirit to recognize the jaded edges inside the dormancy of our soul.

Changes to quality of life are essential for growth to occur within the renewal and natural transformations felt as it encourages our character to love at all depths.

Given each passing year we are lifted up into a humbleness and elevated contentment knowing our existence has a higher purpose and meaning at a divine level.

Simplicity of patience and knowing when to remove yourself from all elements of spiritual toxins will create a mindset of understanding and allow us to just let go.

Walk the turtle believing miracles happen, realizing hope is alive as we plant the seeds of compassion and remind ourselves that we find peace when we pray.