One That Embraces Spirit

“Walk the Turtle” 1/16/2017


An unspoken love between hearts is knowing whatever life struggles we face, we face them together as one; complexities of fears will become simple solutions.

Emotions of burdens carried will disappear once we understand we are not alone; to give your soul the cleansing deserved is to allow the flow of silence to run.

Inside we feel the grasp of time holding us to the wonderment of when the transformations of change will unravel the new elements of passion into our journey.

To look into the eyes of someone you adore and care for releases the currents of hope, grace, and compassion of healing needed for light of courage to ignite.

Caress the face of wounds, kiss the forehead of the angel that places a hand upon your shoulder, gaze into the eyes of tears and smile in silence as sorrows fade.

Walk the turtle alongside your best friend, feel the warmth of the palm of their hand as you follow the path sharing your heart with the one that embraces spirit.