My Life As an Acronym


I am sick to death of acronyms, ugh, really? Have we all been reduced to four-letter words? I’m so tired of stopping in the middle of a good article to have to look up an acronym.

The latest I read, while knee-deep in trying to find healthy and easy, see not time-consuming make-ahead lunch recipes for my husband, was WAHM. Wait, what?!?! What the heck is that? I could no longer concentrate on looking for easy, healthy food, I needed to know what WAHM was.

Work at home mom, I found out. Well, since everyone in the world, and I’m not being facetious with this one, I’m pretty sure every f****** group in the world has an acronym except for me, basically because I don’t really consider myself to be a normal person, so I just came up with one. If everyone else can have a four-letter identity, I can too. I’ve decided it will be CCHC–Crazy Curly-Haired Chick.


Anyone else relate? Hit me up in the comments.