My Happy Place

When life serves up a dose of troubles and stress it is really important to have a respite. A place to go that can bring us back to earth like a gentle anchor.

A place where we can take a deep breath and let the stress out, breathe in fresh, clean air while our eyes rest themselves on a panorama so blissful that we smile both with our lips and with our heart.

For me that place isn’t too far from where I live in Huntington Beach, California. It is the Huntington Gardens and Library and is adjacent to Pasadena in the area of San Marino.

I will always cherish today because accompanying me to enjoy the wonders of the Huntington were two of the most important  people in my life.

My son, Michael, joined Burt and I and together we walked those beautiful pathways and explored both the Gardens and the amazing home of the Huntington’s which houses many exquisite paintings, including Thomas Lawrence’s Pinky and Thomas Gainsborough’s Blueboy.

The day was magical. Soft breezes and the fragrance of the flowers filled the air while we took delight in savoring each special moment.

You know, life is strange. It sometimes puts obstacles in our path causing us to become so bogged down by them that we forget to savor special moments.  We wear a pair of blinders that only allow us to focus on the situation at hand and forget to take a breath and look beyond the immediate predicament.

Today, Burt, Michael, and I opened our eyes to the wonders around us.

A beautiful hummingbird sipping nectar from the flower of a cactus, a turtle basking in the sun at the side of a glistening pond, and the joy of seeing these things together.

Here are some of the magical sights we enjoyed—


The Cactus Garden is spectacular.

People often think of cactus and succulents as dull or boring when, in fact, they are colorful and have amazing shapes.


Burt took this picture of a cactus flower. It is almost luminescent!


My son, Mike.  He took time out from his very busy day to be with us. Thank you, Mike!


This turtle was enjoying the day, too.


So many statues  transport you to a magical  time and place. This bronze of a child’s wonderment was perfectly placed at the edge of a pond.


…and here is a duck family enjoying the day.


Wisteria is in bloom and there are several lovely vines around the garden. This one was over our heads in an arbor at the edge of the Japanese Garden.


…More wisteria at the Tea Pavilion in the Japanese Garden.


I think of all the gardens at the Huntington, my favorite is the Japanese Garden. It was  built by Henry Huntington to be the special place he would ask Arabella to be his wife. She accepted.


Many Canada Geese were also in attendance.


No visit to the Huntington is complete without saying hello to Pinky and Blueboy.

Please think about visiting this amazing place. It will transport and enrich you, I promise.