Losing the “I Don’t Care Attitude”

Truth be told…I do care.

This morning I am owning the fact that I have to lose my “I don’t care mentality” when I go away on a vacation. I was doing well; I had lost three pounds over the last two weeks. This weekend I had the wrong attitude and gained my three pounds back.


The frustrating thing is two weeks of hard work is lost for three straight days of making bad choices.

One thing I need to remind myself of is that eating healthy can be fun. I have to remind myself that food is fuel and hanging out with my friends is fun. I also know that I can go off my plan for one cheat day, but I know, I cannot go off my plan three days in a row, eating and drinking like it doesn’t matter.

It does matter.


As I said in my bio, I must continue to move forward and live my life, but it is necessary for me to get focused. I need to make better decisions in order to receive the outcome I want for my life. It won’t help me to be negative and put myself down, but it will help for me to stay positive, plan better, and be prepared in advance. Today’s goal is to write out my food list, go shopping directly after work, come home and cook meals for the next three days.

I got this. Here’s to being back on track.

I Believe In Me