Leo’s Dilemma

Another “Tail” from the Shelter

As I walked up Newland Street and reached the area of the Santa Ana River I once again heard those canine voices reminding me that I was getting closer to our shelter and would once again have the opportunity to visit some of my favorite friends.

dog-collage-for-leo-2Once in a while I only have a few visits with one dog or another because they are happily adopted out and their memories of the shelter are only fleeting images of the past.
That makes me very happy, because as much as I love seeing them and learning about their personalities so I can describe them to you, I am joyful that they are out and enjoying life as well as bringing devotion and love to a new owner.

Several months ago I talked about our little Leo; a sweet little dog with a large and happy personality. Unfortunately, no one has stepped up to take him home and he is still at the shelter, biding his time.


Leo has taught me a few lessons though and I have to thank him.

He manages to make the most of his life and is in fact “growing where he is planted.” Of course the highlight of his day is when I or another volunteer approaches his pen and greets him. He is ecstatic with joy! He does what I call “the Leo dance” and lets you know that he is happy to see you.

Last week I noticed that he truly needed a brushing so I wore my small waist purse to the shelter and packed a brush.

Leo and I walked the Edison Access Road and then sat down at the curb to share some cuddle time and a good brushing. It became apparent that he had not been groomed in a very long time because he looked at me like, “What in the world are you doing?” But that was quickly followed by a look of pure ecstasy on his little face and a rapturous closing of his eyes.

Leo is a gem—a small, brown, stocky little guy who reminds me whenever I see him that it is best to make the most of what we are given and to be grateful for every kindness.

He also does something that is quite rare. When I return him to his pen, he walks in happily as though he is grateful to have at least shelter and food.

So much I would like to see this little man have a lot more. I would love to see Leo in his own home with people who he can teach to love life as he does, to find joy in the smallest thing and to reflect the joy he has in his heart.

Please come and visit Leo at the shelter, take him for a walk, share his story, and think about bringing this happy little man into your home.


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