A Joyful “Tail” and Happy Heart

Today as I walked to the shelter I couldn’t help smiling.  Not only was the nearby ocean sending a beautiful warm breeze to delight me, but I was feeling a joy that is hard to describe.

Our little blind sweetheart of a dog, Manotas, the elderly gentleman with the ever sunny personality, has been adopted by a kind lady. She looked past his blindness and understood that it was only his eyes that were blind. He perceived the world around him with a loving heart. I believe that Manotas saw more clearly than most.

I wish him many happy years and all of the pleasures a happy home can bring.

manotas 2

I was now looking forward to seeing another little dog that literally has pulled at my heart strings — His name is Max and he’s just as sweet as he can be.

For the life of me I don’t understand why this little guy is still sitting in his pen at the shelter. I think the fact that he doesn’t make a huge fuss when people come down the aisle looking at the dogs, but rather looks at them calmly without all of the barking, alludes to the fact that he isn’t friendly. That can’t be further from the truth. He is just a more laid-back soul and knows that the right person will clearly understand that.

Max is only 2 years old, appears to be housebroken, walks well on the leash, and still has enough puppy in him to be both charming and irresistible!

Yesterday as we walked down the Edison Access road he decided to reverse roles and walk me on the leash. He promptly put it in his mouth and we continued the walk by leading each other down the road.

He made me laugh, which made him very happy.

One of the most amazing things about little Max (and I am going to talk about another thing in a minute), is that he already is showing the calm nature that would make him a great pet for a senior or a wonderful companion for someone who wants a sedate best buddy.

And now for the most intriguing fact, Max has two hearts! One is beating inside his sweet little body and one is outside and affixed to his back!


That’s right, Max was born with a heart outline on his side.


He is not only a sweet and fun little guy, but also a walking conversation starter!

Please come down to the shelter and visit Max. He’s one of a kind.

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