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Jilly is an intuitive and inspirational artist. She tunes into nature and nurture bringing out the essence of what she draws.

In this interview, you will discover that when a person truly honors their purpose and passion, it is like magic.

Jilly shares what inspires her, how her art has a positive impact on herself and others and how you too can learn to tap into your innate gifts and abilities.

EB: When did you first discover your innate artistic ability?

Jilly: Discovering my innate artistic ability….I’ve always had it, my mom said I would paint, draw, and color with anything I could get my hands on. She recently said I ran around the house with the opposite side of the paint brush! My mother is an oil painter, and she has been my greatest teacher in life and art. She is teaching me watercolors now. I’ve always been an artist, it’s me.

EB: Tell me about your Jilly Doodles and Angel Card Readings.

Jilly:  My angel card readings have come from a passion about angels. I enjoy Doreen Virtue angel cards, I’m a light worker, positive all the time, and always moving forward in the light.

The angel cards I started reading in 1984, for a hobby, turned into a serious passion to do public readings in 2011. I felt responsible and ready to help guide people in their life’s journey, and I drew my own unique angel cards back in December 2016.

I sent them to a YouTuber, now a close and dear friend, Jocelyn, Readings by Jocelyn. She used and uses my angel cards, and gave me my YouTube exposure.  Thanks to Jocelyn I am a YouTuber now, with an ever-growing presence. She is smart and interprets my cards like no other. My angel cards are all positive, even good for kids. Each picture tells a story, from the heart.

My Jilly Doodles came out of drawing for Jocelyn. I drew her once and I just started meditating and sending them to my clients I did angel readings for. I take great care of my doodles, drawing daily also for my YouTube, Jillys Art, on YouTube Art. My Jilly Doodles are created when I meditate and then draw for my clients. I also do angel readings for them, if they like what I do, then they can purchase it, just for them. I put 100 percent into each doodle, with heart and soul.


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EB: What inspires you in life and your drawings?

Jilly: My inspiration is nature, my spirit guides and my clients. I love organic inspiration. For example, when I see birds migrating, I draw them in the way I see, feel and experience their flight. A child says, happiness is the color of love, I draw it, for it’s all around me every day all the time. I have endless inspiration.

Troy Mantiz from Just Being Me TV on YouTube, has been one of my inspirations. I’ve drawn Jilly Doodles for him and written him a poem or two, which you can find on my Jillys Art Facebook page. Troy is a creative person, dancer and lovely speaker. He is one of my muses, just being him. If you watch him you’ll want to dance and move, Mantiz. Also my mother inspires me to draw, to live life…every day. She says draw every day, so I do!


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EB: How have you seen your art positively impact those who find their way to you?

Jilly: My art, I hope, positively impacts people. First, it’s from my heart and the angels, so it naturally inspires. My art is inspirational, from babies to elderly, all over the world. I’ve done angel readings and Jilly Doodles for people in Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. Anyone can look at my art and see something for themselves.

I like people to feel good when they look at my Jilly Art, really good. I meditate and the pen holds itself, it draws, my angels draw and help me, it’s truly magical. I let my imagination soar, it’s like a dream, an artist’s dream.

EB: Who do you feel has been inspirational in your life and why?

Jilly: Inspiration is everything, in nature, ducks, birds , dogs, and anything else I see. I just go for a walk and nature shows me something to draw, I think I have a bit of a photographic memory, so I draw the day I see something inspirational.

I say…Jilly draws what Jilly sees in the course of her day…and I do. Fun all the time, never a dull moment in nature.

“Thank you mother nature for limitless ideas, I’m thankful.”

EB: The creative arts is something of great value for our mind, body and spirit. What do you think are the keys to being in the creative arts and living life to the fullest?

Jilly: Keys to be in the creative arts.

1. Be yourself, draw your way, with love
2. Draw every day. It gets you in the rhythm of creativity.
3. Have a mentor.
4. Surround yourself with great people, like Troy and Jocelyn.
5. Ask the angels for love, help and support. They never let me down. I say it’s not me, I can’t take the credit. I’m the vessel, they, my angels work through me.
6. Appreciation for love.
7. Just love.

Food, music and romance are also good art materials and the drive to draw. I’m complete.

EB: What is your favorite quote?

Jilly: My favorite quote is, “Do not fight a lion if you are not one yourself.”

I had a very visual dream, that a lion anointed my forehead. He said, “Kneel Jilly, sit still.” And he put his paw to my forehead. This dream happened right when I met Jocelyn, and I really started to fly with my art and life.

So respect the process, one must know one’s place in life.

I respect the lion.
He respects me.


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EB: If you were to engage children and/or adults to tap into their creative side, what would you say to them and why?

Jilly: Children teach me, I’ve made what I call Kidz Kardz. Jocelyn’s child, Fletcher, age 9, has read my cards. He is intuitive and smart. It should be all fun, all day. Kids should laugh, that’s what I want is laughter with children, and with my art. I’ve done two YouTubes on how to draw for kids. Two of Jocelyn’s kids have drawn from my inspiration.

Warms my heart, kids love to create.

I love to draw my Jilly art and have the child color it in. Just down-home, wholesome fun!

Grass roots, like my mother taught me, use the supplies you have and create.

It’s awesome!

Colors inspire a child….

EB: Life is about living joyfully with inner peace. Your art is an expression of what you intuitively pick up from around you. As a meditative artist, how does this connection assist you and your clients to appreciate and value this wonderful and special gift you have?

Jilly: My connection to people with my gift is a fantasy so beautiful I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined how in love I’d feel every day. I have muses and lifelong friendships now from my art. It’s a lovefest! 
I’m told by people, “I love you,” when I share my art. Nothing better to me than I love you. Pure inspiration, moves my soul.

EB: Leave us with some words of wisdom that can be passed on about the wonders and beauty of life, how the creative arts is an important part of life balance, and if someone wants to tap into their innate gifts, how they can find their passion in the arts.

Jilly:  First of all, “Thank you Eileen and Troy for interacting with me, I appreciate it.

Art is from the heart, but one must be brave to draw, to create and have others see it. I’ve been told I would not be a working artist…do not believe the negative.

Don’t do it to show people you can,

Do it for the love of it.

Draw every day, it pays to listen to the lion.
Respect to my mentor.
Believe in angels, hope and love.
I’m a light worker.
Love all the time.

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