Illuminate Your Inner Light

“Walk the Turtle” 10/18/2015


The colors of autumn bring us the scent of reflection and change, a glimpse of the sunset beyond horizons gives insight into the depths of our thoughts.

Our measurement of time casts the illusion upon the shadows of those years gone by, seasons of our past give us our resolution of destiny in chapters to be.

The forsaken have surrounded a lonesome moment of sorrows forgotten along the roads we traveled as they become distant memories of higher understandings.

Although when we look inside the hearts we care for through their eyes of despair, it becomes apparent that each purpose we share revolves around the ones that are not blind.

A gesture of kindness can stay within our soul as we grow older, to reminisce inside our minds those moments that made us smile as we hold on to our faith in humanity.

Watching the clouds float slowly across the clear blue skies, we climb the mountains of dreams among the chaos of struggle as we shed our skins and renew our spirits.

To walk the turtle is to give meaning to each moment of life and to embrace each step taken as we move forward with grace illuminating our inner light.