Humble Ourselves to God

“Walk the Turtle” column 1/17/2016


The temptations we meet during our journey in life take us along certain paths that have many twists and turns, ups and downs, and highs and lows; our direction is to go forward into the unknown day.

We learn how to find a way through any obstacles or walls we face; we persevere after being detoured by inner guidance within our maze of emotions, finding the strength required to climb the mountain.

Create your space, embrace the light of the world, for it is you, through your knowledge and wisdom that you can plant seeds along the way to the lost so they will carry the message of inspiration and love.

Listen to the silence, be drawn from darkness by the illuminations, signs, and power you possess inside your soul; broken dreams and traumatic loss to spirit will mend as time and prayer heal our hearts.

Not to question why or when, just to understand that it will be; your faith is what pulls you up so you may head toward abundance, propensities, and making your visions and dreams a reality, this is a gift of life.

The beauty of watching the seasons change inside ourselves are the moments we walk our turtle feeling our intuitions that are guided by the mind’s eye, we see the truths as we humble ourselves to God.