Handbags for Borrow


Once again delicious fall fashions are saturating the aisles of department stores and boutiques worldwide as fast as you can say, ”SHOP.” And that is just as it should be. There is absolutely nothing like the warm and luscious colors of fall apparel.

I am an absolute “Bagaholic” and the bags of fall are simply amazing this season. I happen to be a sucker for all the big bags the designers are turning loose this fall. “Celine” has some divine BIG bags out this fall and “The Indy” bag by “Gucci” is a sure winner. I love
BIG bags as I adore the fact that I can carry my life around with me wherever I go. One simply cannot go wrong with “The classic Marc Jacobs tote.” This bag is surely an all-time winner.


So what does one do if you want to own several fabu bags but can’t afford or just don’t want to buy a closet full of bags? In that case you “bag,” borrow, or steal. Or simply go to Now this is the Netflix for women’s handbags! It’s a wonderful site where you can pay a small fee and borrow the designer bag of your choice and NO late fees. I think this is an absolutely marvelous way to have the bags of your dreams. They have Gucci, Chanel, Prada, and all the great bags. You will find them all here, be it a clutch, hobo, tote…they’re here. So all of you bag lovers, feel free to check out this incredible site and perhaps find the bag of your dreams. It may be just a click away.