God Will Never Let Go

“Walk the Turtle” 10/16/2017


Thin lines may get crossed, unspoken rules may become broken, a silent stabbing pain inside our hearts may be felt bleeding by a betrayal of trust.

An emotional holocaust within the flesh can open the floodgates of tears and sorrow as the torment of anger and hurt engulf the spirit into flame.

As the soul embraces each moment in time, it turns toward the sovereign inside depths of self-love and compassion that heals a troubled mind.

A certain strength in self-respect can surface the power and integrity found inside the heart of our freewill as we humble ourselves in complete faith.

Many lessons of this world are taught by the experiences and trauma we inure during this journey of life, we realize our fragility as human beings.

We may fall short or get sidetracked, we may let the drama and chaos affect our sleep, we may hold a grudge or become judgmental, we are alive.

Walk the turtle with rooted understandings of forgiveness and acceptance to our individual weaknesses and remember, God will never let go.

Inspired by: Britt ~