Give Yourself Love

“Walk the Turtle” 4/10/2017


Yesterday gives us memories that may fade away in time or be carried inside the heart and mind, entangled within the depths of our eternal knowledge of the soul.

As our bodies grow older the changes to our physical and mental state become more apparent as the wisdom of experience will be undermined by past mistakes.

Wounds of a once tormented spirit become healed by the power and grace of love and compassion, understanding that it is patience, hope, and faith we trust in.

Listen to your conscious voice and hear the guidance of our creator knowing the journeys are internal as well as spiritual, renewal and rebirth are infinite aspects.

Addictions, temptations, obsessions, and the thrill ride of unrighteousness will take us further than anticipated, behind bars of a mental prison we pray to be free.

Caress the warmth of the lonely flesh, feel the breath of someone in fear, help them to hold their head up and look into your eyes, speak to the emotion of life.

Walk the turtle with different perspectives as we travel through the many chapters of our explorations, realizing the key to peace is to always give yourself love.