Fuel You Will Need

“Walk the Turtle” 5/14/2017


As the wheels roll down the highways of our spinning minds, around the twists and turns of scenic routes inside the GPS of our souls, we feel the breeze of time.

At peace and in control, becoming one with the road, above the white lines underneath we follow these painted signs seen from the lenses of our darkened shades.

The feelings of spirit we feel inside the fast lanes of life, our hands are gripped upon the wheel, we look ahead and punch the pedal to fly forward into our destination.

We each are equipped with a unique energy signature created by a compassionate power of poetic love connected to a universal language of our human journey.

Those that shared your ride in certain brief moments left behind become a past memory, a snapshot taken deep inside the mind is kept inside our soul forever.

Walk the turtle and follow your heart, allow it to take you to your dream, you may break down sometimes, but on your way just pray, that is the fuel you will need.