Forward Never Backward

“Walk the Turtle” 12/5/2016


We cannot force anyone to give or receive love, when our hearts feel compassion it pulls us toward an embrace of spirits; bestowing a glimmer of hope is to care.

When we wander into the unknown we tend to get lost inside our emotions, we shut down the elements of feeling; tears built up inside will flow in time.

We all must learn to let go and trust the hand of the Almighty to guide and protect those we know are lost in the moments of pain and sorrow; be humble inside.

To feel the presence of comfort is to grasp the anointing of courage and strength as life changes with each season; learn to become someone that relies on faith.

To light a candle for someone we miss each day is a gesture of guidance to those lost in darkness, not knowing their location but understanding they are not alone.

As we walk the turtle we communicate through our heart and soul, we have no fears of temptations or burdens as we focus on going forward never backward.