Finishing the Year Strong


It is absolutely amazing that we are down to the final week of our spectacular sales contest. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. As we get down to the final week, the question is, how are you going to finish?

Winners finish strong. I have said this numerous times and how true it is. Even though I don’t compete in the contest anymore, I do have to admit that I look at the numbers and I am very competitive and still make sure that I finish strong.

The top 25 representatives with Retriever Merchant Solutions will be going on an all-expenses-paid, beautiful vacation to the Cayman Islands in March. Within our power group, it looks like we have nine sales representatives that are pretty much a definite to win. We have several representatives in our group competing for that last spot. And of course, there are representatives from other groups also competing and want very much to round out the group.

We have several representatives that have the opportunity to be in the presidents club and several others possibly qualifying for double diamond status. This last week is going to be the difference maker. We have come this far and it’s time to sprint to the finish.

I’ve often heard of many representatives that have sort of mentally checked out in the month of December. They use an excuse like “The month of December is the toughest because most people want to wait till the first of the year.” The reality is that if that is what you believe, that is true.

Five years ago, I was competing in the sales contest and was neck and neck with another star representative. I was asked the question, “How are you going to feel if you lose?” That question motivated me and gave me unbelievable determination. I set my goal and made the commitment to finish strong. In the last two months of the contest, I wrote 152 Merchants. Over 80 of them were written in the month of December, the month that everyone says is the toughest…You become what you believe.

As we move into this final week, make the commitment to sprint to the finish. This applies to everyone. Even if you are not in competition to win this trip, choose to finish strong. This will give you momentum to bring into 2018.

How are we going to have our best week ever? Here are a few steps.

1) Start an hour earlier.

I’m going to challenge you to be in the field by 8 AM. There are a lot of businesses that open early, catch them. How awesome would it be to have a merchant written by 9 AM?

2) Review your follow-ups.

We all have merchants we need to follow up on. Let’s create some urgency with them. The ones who told you they want to wait till the first of the year? Go back and tell them the good news about how you are going to be able to lock them in on an even lower rate that we are offering between now and the end of the week.

As you say this to them, have them grab their merchant statement again. You will show the merchant how you are going to be able to help them today. This gets you right back into the presentation and allows you to close them on the spot. What you are doing is creating urgency.

3) Get lots of referrals.

While you are out visiting merchants, get as many referrals as you possibly can. Get referrals from the merchants you write up, and also get referrals from the ones you don’t. The more referrals, the more opportunities.

4) Use your time wisely.

Time is your capital. Make sure you invest it with the right people. Every second of your time should be spent looking to write merchants. Don’t sit for long lunches. Take your lunch with you. Don’t waste time with non-prospects. Do not be a professional visitor. The time you waste with the wrong people stops you from being with the right people.

5) Work an extra hour.

The difference between mediocrity and success is an extra 10% effort. When you’re finished for the day, make the decision to hit 10 more doors. You will be amazed at how many additional merchants you can write.

Put in that extra effort. Do not give up. Keep smiling. Be persistent and consistent, and have fun along the journey.

No matter where you are on your Retriever journey, you can make this your best week ever. Let’s all make the commitment to do this. I’m right there with you.

I wish you the best and most productive week of your career with Retriever this week.

Blessings and success to all!