Embrace Spiritual Growth

“Walk the Turtle” 10/16/2016


When we face the realities of our darkest storms a sense of normality is cast upon our mind’s fear,  we are consumed into the streets of broken dreams.

We may walk the paths of immoralities by the pain of torment felt each day, our heart feels the misdirection yet we seem to choose the ways of darkness.

Walls of ice built around the bitterness of loss can be melted by the warmth of our spiritual love and compassion for the tears of those we love most.

When you understand the promises of salvation your spirit will begin to awaken; as we change course to follow the light of a candlelit flame inside our soul.

To find the magic of strength and courage buried deep inside, the abyss of betrayal and despair will rise suddenly as contentment and peace sets in.

Forgiveness of yourself is required for knowing our higher power has already forgiven us, this will allow the fuel needed to overcome the obstacles inside.

A friendship is created with our mind, body, and spirit; a meaning and purpose to our life is revealed by the love and comfort that transpires while we heal.

As we walk the turtle and wonder when those lost will break the chains and finally come home, we love them sacrificially and embrace spiritual growth.