Embrace Each New Sunrise

“Walk the Turtle” 11/28/2016


Transitions we go through as we enter another change in our development of understandings become apparent inside the constant struggle to make sense of it all.

To run away from the shame and guilt held deep is a race we cannot win, healing of wounds and scars happens at the foot of the cross as we bow in light of truth. 

As we seem to get lost in the wilderness among the beasts and scavengers, our soul will open doors of consciousness inside our hearts, strength of hope emerges.

God holds every tear shed by loss, betrayal, and lies—a constant vision of happiness and peace can be seen by the mind’s eye; to reach out and hold on is to believe.

To be hurt and to hurt the ones we love most will condemn our flesh, yet open the portholes for light to enter and warm the blood flow deep inside all thought.

Walk the turtle with patience and anointing, knowing your cries will be heard and the chains that bind you will break as your spirit will embrace each new sunrise.