Drowning In My Lover’s Juices

Drowning In My Lover’s Juices
© 2017/TomSquitieri

As the morning begins, I can feel the difference
We have moved together, it cannot be changed
Our hands clasp our hearts
The love cannot be rearranged

And now it is the small things that matter
in what we do and say
As I wait, smiling, for you to wake and rise
Kissing you softly as you lay

Soon once again I will be drowning in my lover’s juices
And overwhelmed as my passion commands me
I stroke hard through the current of her gushing desires
For in this bond I am finally free

My morning companions remain the same
the coffee, dogs, birds, deck and songs
Yet it has been one year since you first heard my voice
And finally, the rights have pushed away the wrongs

The baton conducts the score for our love
The imagination is our orchestra playing
the swelling of brass, the dancing of woodwinds
Our music is the score of love for staying

And the chorus is clear
as I whisper in your ear

Never letting you go
Never letting anything slow us down
Never letting you forget you are the best kisser and sweetest lover ever
Never letting you sleep through the night
Never saying never to You

Somewhere there is foolishness and fear
Somewhere that are games using toys to steer
Had we but time enough in the day for togetherness here
What truly matters would be clear