Doors That Open in Life

“Walk the Turtle” 8/16/15



I wonder what doors will open next, I wonder where this journey will take me, I wonder who will enter my life and my heart.

Daydreaming about possibilities and never forgetting the pain, to feel your heart and soul molded into an enlightenment of wisdom.

To wake each morning and breathe the fresh air, to close your eyes, feel the breeze and hear the music of living, to feel the vibrations of love.

As a visionary, my optimistic understanding of each moment guides me toward the calling of peace, for we can achieve the impossible if we keep the faith.

The fears we face are there to conquer in order to open a new dimension of self-achievement, give yourself the credit deserved as you plant the seeds of knowledge.

Observance of actions and acknowledging the signs of serendipitous moments in time, receiver of messages and vision become the realities inside the happening.

To wish upon a star while knowing your dreams can come true is the essence of human spirit, to set our souls free as we follow our hearts, this is divine guidance.

As we walk our turtle we find ourselves vulnerable after the storms have passed, serenity and solitude fills our being as we prepare for the journey ahead and walk through the doors that open in life.