Core Thinking for Business Success


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In business, the goal is to be successful by gaining a ROI, having a solid team behind your vision, and measurable growth. The ability to achieve these goals is within leadership’s core thinking.

The foundation upon which a business is built can define not only the direction the company goes, but also the accomplishments along the way.

Whether you are the owner of a company, the CEO, a top manager or in a position of leadership, it is your thinking and actions driving the company towards success.

Positive Thinking for Drive for Success

  • A leader’s attitude is contagious. Becoming aware of your own attitude throughout the day and noticing how those around you respond, can be an asset to your leadership effectiveness.
  • Attitude is a choice, one thing you can control. Understanding not what happens to you, but how you respond to an experience can create positive outcomes during both difficult and good times. Developing skills such as proactive listening, healthy engagement, and self-reflection will allow you to become a stronger leader and guide your team effectively.
  • Personal fulfillment is important as a leader, engaging others in a way they too will want to get up in the morning and be a part of something that has momentum. Your strength in efficaciously empowering others will bring more satisfaction to your daily leadership.
  • The direction you put your attention towards will either add fuel to your drive or diminish enthusiasm for reaching set goals. Ensuring where you chart your course and staying on task to catapult your team to their highest achievements will help you experience positive results.There are many challenges and decisions all leaders face. Having the skills and knowledge as tools for success, you can be an extraordinary leader people will want to follow.

Five Attributes of Core Thinking

  1. Motivational: The capacity to inspire whole organizations, moving it forward energized and vitalized.

Core Thinking: What does each person contribute to the organization and are they in a position that best fits them. Envision a team working smoothly, effortlessly and in unison like waves in the ocean. Put into action steps and systems to achieve goals.

2. Discernment: Excellence in decision making through being objective and having the courage to take calculated risks for the benefit of the company. The ability to be open to other’s ideas, critiques and suggestions as part of team efforts for success.

Core Thinking: Always feeling good at the level of 85%-100% confidence in any decision made. If you fall below 85%, adjust your thinking until the stressors have diminished and you are satisfied with your decision.

3. Integrity: Always approaching communication with honesty and truth, combined with behavior that aligns with what you say and do.

Core Thinking: Knowing what your own truths are as an effective leader and always striving for personal and professional development. The way you perceive people and experiences can have an impact on an outcome. Become consciously aware of your perceptions and how they are influencing your leadership.

4. Innovative: Sees change as positive and an opportunity for growth both for yourself and those you lead.

Core Thinking: Asking yourself how things can be done better, more efficiently and what improvements can be implemented. Sometimes change from within can and will create the shifts desired for the organization. Understanding your own internal dialog and thoughts can shed light on the influence you have for driving the company towards success.

5. Values: What are your core values and how are they contributing to the synergy of your team leading to fulfilling your goals for the company?

Core Thinking: Values can include respect, humility, compassion, investing in others, fairness. What are your core values?

A thriving and successful business hinges on leadership and your core thinking, with many layers and levels, creating opportunities for ensuring success.