Chanel’s “Tail” — The Heart of a Lady

Huntington Beach offered up a lovely treat for its residents today.

The ocean breeze softly caused the beachfront palms to gently sway as they led me towards the shelter. The sunlight shone on their dancing fronds and almost looked as though they were rejoicing in the warmth and sunlight. It was as if they were doing a dance, and I was equally as happy because I, once again, was looking forward to spending time with my favorite furry-faced companions.


Completely honest with their feelings, I can always count on the dogs to offer me a vulnerable honesty along with their wagging tails. They have the ability to both ground us and bring us back to earth in this sometimes hectic and crazy world.

They don’t care that my old volunteer shirt has some worn areas. They are just happy to see me and are completely unguarded with their emotions.

Today as I walked down the center aisle of the shelter, I saw a new little resident. Her name is Chanel and I was drawn to her ladylike demeanor. A beautiful little Chihuahua with a very quiet and polite disposition, she didn’t mind at all when I put the collar around her neck and led her from the pen.

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Chanel was the picture of calm trust as we walked to the entrance gate, and towards the Edison Access Road, where I walk the small dogs and then sit at the curb with them to offer special attention in the form of petting, hugs, and sometimes a little brushing.

As I soon realized, Chanel is a very well-behaved little girl. She walked beautifully on the leash, following me as I turned and stopping when I did.

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When I sat at the curb with her she came right to me and stood next to where I sat—wailing for me to put her on my lap.

I have to share with you that there honestly is something extra special about Chanel, and it fits right in with her special designer name.

The fact is that Chanel has a heart on her side!  A special emblem representing this little girl perfectly—A tiny lovable package just waiting to find a special someone to call her own and share her designer heart with.

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Please visit Chanel at the shelter and take her for a walk. Let her know how special she is.

She doesn’t take up a lot of space and will bring a heart full of joy to your home.