Calling from God

“Walk the Turtle” 6/11/2017


The sweet sounds of nature that fill the summertime air is an orchestra of vibration absorbed by the human spirit, we sing along and feel lyrics inside our hearts.

Our voice transmits a wave of frequency that creates many forms of communication as does the language of our bodies, a smile can be felt inside of our mind.

A symphony of imagination transcends into a vortex of vision focused upon our desires and dreams, meant to be fulfilled by our creative soul, inspired by our belief.

To speak your mind and seek truth plays a part in a spiritual mission we may feel compelled to conquer as we overcome all obstacles by grace of complete faith.

To become a song of inspiration to those in fear is to make a difference in the lives of those lost inside the darkness of bondage by using our ability to bestow hope.

Walk the turtle and use your voice to sing praise to each moment we breathe as we listen to the guidance of our heart while we answer our divine calling from God.