BTS On The Road Heads to Sparkk TV


BTS on the Road, the WEB TV series that takes you behind the scenes and on the road with a stand-up comedian, is set to premiere on Sparkk TV October 24, 2017. Season 1 will include 24 episodes over 24 weeks and season 2 begins with episode 25 after a short hiatus.

Brian T Shirley is the man behind, and in front of, the camera in this first-of-its-kind web series featuring comedians from all over the country. Funnyman Shirley takes you along for the ride to comedy clubs, military shows, country clubs, private shows and reveals what really happens, no sugarcoating here!


Sparkk TV is “free online television that is made-up of all original web-series made just for the internet. All of this made available for free & best of all commercial-free with new content added daily and available anytime On-Demand after the first showing.”

Their goal is to change the way we watch TV online and make Online TV Web Series viewing into an everyday routine like Primetime Network TV.

Sparkk TV believes in a commercial-free approach and will continue to offer high-quality online programming, commercial-free on the video and on-demand.

It is available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Windows 10, Apple TV, Chrome OS, Amazon, and coming soon to macOS.

Sparkk TV’s Top Ten List of the week can be found on your Roku device or TV!!