Betty Who Take Me When You Go Album Review

“Excited” was an understatement when I first heard that Betty Who is going to finally release a full length album back in September. It was Monday morning when I heard the news and immediately told my friend about it – who loves Betty Who dearly too – and then we went insane together and patiently waited for the day of her album release.

And finally, the long wait is over! After the release of her first EP “The Movement” back in 2013 with tracks that definitely gave me a serious nostalgia with its 80s like beats, followed by another EP“Slow Dancing” just early this year with tracks that yet again, gave me feel good vibes, here comes a full length – 13 track album that tripled the awesomeness of her past EPs.

“Take Me When You Go” is seriously giving me a hard time on keeping my emotions and groovy dance moves – if I may say – private and intact. From “Alone Again” to “Heartbreak Dream” – both part of “Slow Dancing” EP that made a cut to her full-length album – still giving me a mixture of feeling okay in just waiting for someone to just come over whenever they were ready – and – we need to be over, and that’s okay. And these insanely witty tracks “Just Like Me” and “All Of You”  that tell something about being so in love that it is almost okay to f*ck up sometimes just to be with that someone; these sensational tracks “Better”  and “Missing You”  that remind me of how versatile a songwriter Betty Who is; A Night To Remember” that is a perfect sense of electropop sound that was made so dreamy and fancy. Plus these songs: “Somebody Loves You”, “High Society”  – both part of “The Movement” EP that made a cut to her full-length album – “Glory Days” , “Dreaming About You”, and“Runaways” ; graceful, dreamy, and feel good tracks that make me wanna grab somebody to dance foolishly – in the middle of the street, whether in the middle of the night or with the sun up so high,  with your high ponytail, colorful outfits and raybans – and you wouldn’t mind at all.

In short this album is pure perfection and this is the first time that I can’t pick favorites from a 13-track album. Everything just sounds SO good and worth a repeat, on the loop, in your playlist.

Now go get your copy now and feel the 80s vibe and unique electropop music  that this album has!

  • Overall5.0
  • Music5.0
5.0Overall Score