Beacon of Light

cat-lion-mirrorDecisions we make and choices we face, mistakes that are made and lessons we learn, these attributes of life’s journey tend to mold our character.

Architectural landscapes inside each heart reveal the wonders of tomorrow, memories of certain moments in time remain eternal within the soul.

The realities of changes among those we once held close may drift away by the separations of paths taken, it will propel our spirit into the unknown.

Fears of concurrences and consequence create the barriers and obstacles inside our mind, go forward in faith, it is the ultimate source of guidance.

To give yourself to another, to allow them to hold your heart with complete unconditional love and devotion is choice by the deep feelings of trust.

To have the dreams of passion and romance along with the illusions of everlasting love is something we all search for while scars of heartbreak exist.

As we get back on track and strive to achieve our goals each year we seek the knowledge and wisdom in order to fulfill our purpose and legacies.

Some may shun your visions while others will give support, talents you share will define your spiritual beliefs as you find yourself in the abyss of lies.

Being true to yourself among those that have no inner peace allows us to walk through the afflictions and sorrows as we mend wounds of betrayal.

Finding the innocence and holding on to our integrity is a fundamental aspect to uphold our dignity and to realize how genuine and priceless we are.

Walk the turtle steady as we pace ourselves through this maze of change, we look in the mirror and witness a warrior emerge into a beacon of light.