Be Our Guide

“Walk the Turtle” 5/22/2017


When we notice the beauty and charm of a smile and feel the radiant charisma flowing from the spirit, a simple unconditional love is seen inside the light of an eye.

The perceptions and thoughts behind the dreams and illusions of how things are supposed to be are often interrupted by the realities of temporary circumstance.

Like the sweet scent of jasmine, the breathtaking elegance of a soft, warm kiss can fill our senses with an overwhelming heartfelt dose of hope and desire.

Inspiration given to the soul by the natural connection of hearts is never to be manipulated or taken advantage of by the kindness of a truly humbled mind.

Patience and prayer during all transitions and changes in life allow us the nourishment needed to fill our lives with happiness and freedom to just be who we are.

Walk the turtle each moment knowing many people will cross our path; as we walk toward our destiny we learn to let go and let God’s grace be our guide.