Author N. Lawrence Mann

Author N. Lawrence Mann

A novel for fans of mystery, suspense and, psychological drama


It is 6 am in Los Angeles and author N. Lawrence Mann has chosen the spinach, Greek yogurt and banana smoothie over the Boston Cream donuts from Dunkin Donuts and is midway through it while speaking with his publicist about his upcoming book signing.  His novel, Full Breach, the first in The Blue Warp series, will premiere in Beverly Hills in October. Full Breach is a real testament to his dedication to the craft of writing.

Mann has settled comfortably into as much of a writing routine as one would imagine.  He enjoys his commute between the east and west coast.  For him, life has been a full and adventurous ride, enjoying first, a rich career as a songwriter and today realizing pursuing his dream of becoming a respected writer.

Mann knew early in life that he would one day become an author.  In fact, to the surprise and delight of his parents, he placed high in a Young Authors Award while still in Kindergarten, though he can’t recall if he came in 1st or second. Only his late mother would know that for sure.

The idea of The Blue Warp series came about through dreaming of imaginary ways to heal his mom who had been diagnosed with cancer.  He starting started writing ferociously during this period when he realized the odds of her recovery were not good, even with all of the modern day medical options available. At that point he decided to study fringe scientific theories and philosophies and wove them into the story which led to the empowerment of one of his main characters. While he couldn’t save his Mom, his imagination gave way to a positive and surprising outcome. “I couldn’t do it myself. I suppose it was a way to hold onto her.”

Mann had a good relationship with his father who was an avid reader and self-made intellectual. A big influence in N. Lawrence’s life, was his father, the son of a Kellogg factory worker, grew up modestly in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he met Mann’s mother in high school, and later put himself through school, going on to become a Naval Officer/surgeon.

His family was a close knit family and did not censor his natural curiosity. His early life was spent in Kalamazoo, Michigan; his mother a stay at home mom also volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House; his grandfather worked at the Kellogg’s factory in Battle Creek. The family then moved to Arizona while N. Lawrence Mann was in still in high school and where he began his college studies.

As his characters developed, through an unconscious evolution, Mann found elements of the story that intertwined with different stages of his own life. Full Breach borders on his own personal experience, “drawn from similarities based on the student me and the old me”, says Mann. He had to overcome many obstacles during this time, further stating he was “saved by writing and returning to school.” However, during the time of his most difficult struggles he dropped his classes, his family disowned him; he was evicted from his apartment. Mann did a lot of ineffective soul-searching, couch surfing, lost friendships, and managed to drive his songwriting aspirations securely into the ground.

Lawrence’s turn around came however, when he had a meeting with the Dean of the school to be reinstated. This time he excelled, eventually graduating summa cum laude, with a 3.92 grade point average. College was his rehabilitation; he lived at school and was eventually able to pay friends back and begin the process of healing emotional scars. And, most importantly, he believed in himself as his father had done before him.  lawrence-mann

The desire to write was strong in his life and he began pursuing it with a passion.

During his mother’s illness and his time studying fringe scientific theories he thought about his main characters and looking for scientific answers to what was going on with them; seeking answers to what was the Energy left over; even a quantum vacuum, having Immense Power. It would be interesting to see the scientific explanation of someone having strong powers.

Later, his mother was in home hospice and he wanted her to read his work.  Mann would write while she was lying next to him dying; he would write before boarding an airplane; and in flight.  He spent all of his free time writing.  Sadly, the book was not completed until after her passing.

The story unfolds as told through the eyes of an intellectual struggling with his own set of demons, his situation becomes quickly unhinged as a bizarre chain of events leave him spiraling.

There has always been a disconnect between the theory of relativity and Quantum Mechanics, the two staple explanations of how the universe works. Because of this, Mann thinks someone, somewhere, is wrong. If you add in the idea that human beings are only using a small amount of their brain potential, it may be that concepts like the Blue Warp may not be out of the realm of possibility. What is the Blue Warp, you ask? I would suggest you read Full Breach to get an idea.

Mann currently lives in Boston with has two cats; Maple, a 19 year old Siamese, and Buca, an 8 year old Siberian.

By Deborah Hayter