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5 Ways to Stop Making Excuses


I have been in direct sales for a long time, and I probably have heard every excuse that there is about why a person is not successful. I was recently speaking with a friend, and we were discussing what it truly takes to be a success in the business world.

We talked about different representatives that we’ve trained and all the excuses that some have made about why they can’t put 100% into this opportunity. The reality is, anyone can come up with excuses for not putting the effort into becoming successful. Success takes hard work and a positive attitude. Successful people do not give into excuses.

Like all bad habits, excuses are easy. They allow you to box yourself into your comfort zone and be okay with your life. Hopefully for people that continue to make excuses, they will find that this way of living isn’t enough. A person can accept where their life is, or they can eliminate their excuses by taking responsibility for where they are now and more importantly, what created all the excuses in the first place.

Do you find yourself suffering from the killer disease of success called EXCUSITIS? Well, don’t worry, the doctor of Posology is here to help you get rid of this. Here are some ways that will help you.

1) Get to the root of why you are making excuses.

The reality is, the excuse is masking the real reason why a person can’t accomplish something. For example, it could be a fear of failure. It could be a self-esteem issue and even for some, it’s a fear of success or having something to lose.

If you are unsure, ask yourself this question: If you were to succeed and accomplish what you want, what’s the worst thing that could happen? List off every worst case scenario and you’ll likely recognize a theme. THIS is the issue you need to tackle.

2) No more buts.

People that make excuses often end their sentences with the word “but.” I’d really like to be successful…but. Going forward, completely remove that word from your vocabulary. This will help you focus on the plans you need to make to reach your goals, instead of the obstacles that are in your way. This is great motivation.

3) Quit hanging around with excuse makers.

You become a product of your own environment. If you hang around with people who complain all the time and make excuses, pretty soon you become one of those people.

Be the type of person who starts positive conversations and if you are around people who speak negatively, change the tune. If you get rid of your excuses, you’ll likely encourage those you care about to do the same thing.

4) Get into some positive habits.

We all have fear, but the successful people do it anyway. Recognize the excuses you are making and own up to them. Take control of your life and put the excuses behind you.

Getting into positive habits may be difficult but once you start doing this, you’ll feel much better about yourself. You’ll start to get in the habit of getting excited about the next challenge that comes your way. Enjoy the process and welcome all difficulties— turn them into opportunities to become successful.

5) Make a plan and then trust.

Make the decision starting today that there are no more excuses. Map out a plan on what it’s going to take to become successful and go for it. There are no obstacles that will get in your way. Just keep plugging away and trust that your success plan is going to work.

When your goals are really important to you, you’re no longer wont to make the excuses. Turn into a proactive, positive attitude when any difficulties or challenges come your way. Trust yourself to think of a solution. By doing this you will no longer have to eliminate your excuses. The reality is you won’t be able to find one.

You were created and designed for success. Nobody said that the success plan was going to be easy. I can tell you this though, it’s definitely going to be worth it. Get excited about your goals and your future. No more excuses. Get proactive, keep positive, and have a super fantastic week!

Blessings to all of you!